Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Report your Current Account Debit Card lost or stolen by calling the ‘Credit Union Card Services’ Team who are also available for fraud support 24/7
+353 (1) 693 3333

Support / Lost or Stolen Debit Card

How do I report my Current Account Debit Card lost or stolen?

  • As soon as you become aware that you have lost your debit card or believe it may have been stolen, contact our Credit Union Card Services Team immediately on +353 (1) 693 3333 who will cancel your debit card and order you a new one to your address (the one we have on file for you) within 5-7 business days. Your new debit card will require a new PIN. Instructions to obtain your new PIN will be included with your new debit card.
  • If your debit card has been set up on a Digital Wallet e.g., Apple Pay, Google Pay or Google Wallet, your new debit card will automatically update to your Digital Wallet if you have made the request to cancel your debit card with the Card Services Team. Once your new card has updated to your Digital Wallet, you be able to use your new Debit Card via your wallet before the physical card is received.
  • If you have lost your device, which has your debit card set up for Apple Pay, Google Pay or Google Wallet, you can contact our Card Services Team on +353 (1) 693 3333 who can suspend or deactivate your digital wallet, on your phone or device allowing you to continue using your physical Debit Card.

You can also report your Current Account Debit Card lost or stolen by phoning or calling into your Credit Union branch.

If you have identified a transaction that you are suspicious of on your Debit Card, you must contact your Credit Union or the Credit Union Card Services team immediately on +353 (1) 693 3333

If you need to report unauthorised transactions, or suspicious activity on your debit card, here are some top tips to confirm to the Card Services Team or your Credit Union, at the time of your report;


  • Have you shared your banking details with a third party, including your partner or family?
  • Have you received a confirmation SMS (text message) advising that a Digital Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay or Google Wallet) has activated on your debit card without your knowledge?
  • Did you click on any unknown links in an email or SMS (text message) requesting you to disclose any of your personal security information?
  • Did you receive a call from an unknown source asking you to disclose a One Time Passcode (OTP) issued to your phone?

If for any reason you believe your debit card details or Current Account has been compromised, please contact your Credit Union or the Card Services team immediately.

Unrecognised Transactions I have transactions on my debit card that I do not recognise, what can I do?

If you have transactions on your debit card that you do not recognise, you should contact your Card Union or Credit Union Card Services immediately on +353 (1) 693 3333 who will support you in investigating it.


You may not recognise a merchant name, or the time may be different to when you made the purchase.

In most cases, these investigations tend to be genuine, but you should always check and ensure you are aware of your Debit Card transactions and know when and how to escalate unusual activity if needed.


  • Ensure you are registered for ‘Online Access’ with your Credit Union so you can very easily access your Current Account & Debit Card transactions for review.
  • Save the Credit Union Card Services contact details +353 (1) 693 3333 in your phone in the event you need to report your debit card as Lost / Stolen or you have identified unusual activity on your account.

Merchant Names 

A lot of companies’ trade under names that may not match their name displayed on their website, social media account or even above their shop door.

For example, you may have signed up for a free trial with ‘Now TV’ and their trading name that posts on your Current Account states ‘GB London’, a legitimate trading name of the broadcaster.


A quick Google search of the unrecognised Merchant name that has posted on your Current Account, may help you identify the name you would be more familiar with.

Here are some trading names of companies that members often report to our Card Services Team for review. The names are followed by the more ‘known’ company name or service.


  1. AIRWALLET APS GALWAY IE -> Public Washing Machines/Dryers
  2. AWP P&C S.A DUTCH BRAN -> Insurance (Online tickets for concerts etc.)
  3. BAC – Bus Ath Cliath (Dublin Bus)
  4. Buymie -> Lidl home delivery
  5. Call Centre at BVCB Belfast -> Belfast Visitor & Convention Bureau /Translink call centre
  6. Certacodas -> Oil Heating (previously Jones Oil)
  7. Clydaville Investments -> The Kilkenny Shop
  8. Comms XL -> Eason Book store
  9. Corajio -> Mr. Price
  10. DEBITASK COLLECTION -> HSE Hospital Bill
  11. DIRECTF -> Stena Line
  12. Empathy Marketing -> Pigsback
  13. Euro Parking Collection -> M50 toll charge
  14. FFNHELP.COM -> Dating Website
  15. Go Plator -> ESB Car Charging Point
  16. GW2 account verification -> Card verification for Etsy.com
  17. Health Services Credit Dublin -> Health Services Credit Union
  18. HB EIRE WEB -> Holland and Barrett
  19. IFL Finance Dublin -> Irish Ferries
  20. ISS Swords -> Lifestyle Sports
  21. JC DECAUX SA -> Dublin Bikes
  22. LC International -> Ladbrokes
  23. MOBIELWERKT B.V. -> Gomibo – Mobile Phone/Tablet/Gadget
  24. NECLSCH -> Contactless/online or tokenised transactions for cross border payments
  25. NEPOSCH -> Point of sale/chip and pin or contactless transactions for cross border charges.
  26. NYA*Corevend Limited -> Vending Machines
  27. NYA*Gough Brothers -> Air-pump at Circle K
  28. Ogalas Unlimited -> Home Store + More
  29. PHOTO ME IRELAND -> Washer/dryers you would find at service stations
  30. Retail in Motion -> Inflight purchases/Duty Free
  31. ROI ECOMm -> Boots Pharmacy
  32. Sport Ticketing NJUKO -> Charity run / Triathlon / Mud Run etc.
  33. Store Financial Service -> Dundrum shopping centre gift vouchers
  34. Sumbill -> GAA Match on TV
  35. Sumup -> Mobile Card Reader
  36. SUPERPEDESTRIAN -> Escooter Rental
  37. THE BVSC -> Kildare Village Shopping Outlet
  38. UNIVERSE.COM/CHARGE -> Football match tickets
  39. Venntro Media -> Dating Sites
  40. VF NORTHERN EUROPE SER -> The North Face, Vans, Timberland, Kipling clothing
  41. Webtransact -> Service used by businesses to process payments online, for example a TV service
  42. WLY -> Completesave payment
  43. Young Adult Card -> Leap card/ Luas card etc.

I don’t recognise the Merchant Name, Time, or Amount of the transaction?

If you have reviewed your series of spend events leading up to this transaction and you are still unable to identify the merchant, try completing this checklist;


  • Has anyone else including my partner, family member or even a friend used by debit card?
  • Have you signed up for a new product, service or continuous authority using my debit card recently?
  • Have you reviewed your own account activity, last month, last year as perhaps this is a quarterly or annual subscription.
  • Did you use the Contactless function or provide your full card details including the expiry & CVV code to purchase an item online or over the phone?
  • Did you receive a request for a payment over the phone or online? It could have been via a link inserted into your legitimate SMS text messages from your service provider.
  • Did you make a payment in a non-Euro country that is now posting with an exchange rate difference?
  • Have you tried to research the merchant?

I have exhausted all options and I still do not recognise the transaction, what can I do now?


Log onto your Credit Union online banking account and suspend your Debit Card immediately.

Log onto your digital wallet app and suspend / block your Apple Pay, Google Pay or Google Wallet. This will deactivate your Digital Wallet Token


Alternatively, you can contact Credit Union Card Services on +353 (1) 693 3333 who can immediately amend your Debit Card or Digital Wallet status which will prevent any further transactions posting on your Debit Card.


Your Debit Card can be unsuspended using any of the below channels:


  • Your Credit Union Mobile App
  • Your Credit Union Online Banking
  • A staff member in your Credit Union
  • The Credit Union Card Services Team

How can I request a refund on my Debit Card?

Members will have 120 days to dispute a transaction on their Debit Card for the following reasons:

  • Duplicated transaction
  • Goods not received
  • Cancelled subscription not actioned
  • Received goods not as described
  • Refund not processed after 30 days
  • Transaction not recognised
  • Free Trials
  • Car Rentals


If you have identified a transaction that you are suspicious of on your Debit Card, you must contact your Credit Union or Credit Union Card Services team immediately on +353 1 6933333


A disputed transaction request initiates a ‘chargeback’ which alerts a request to the merchant to reverse the transaction on a Debit Card.


Members must complete and return a ‘Disputed Transaction’ form along with copies of any:

  • Detailed cover letter advising the nature of the dispute
  • Proof of purchase
  • Evidence of the transaction
  • Interactions with the company (emails/letters)


To be returned to their Credit Union to complete a ‘chargeback’ request.